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Standard pallet sizes. Although pallets are cheap to make, they're a hassle to handle and supply on hand doesn't always match need. Different Types of Pallets; Pallet Uses; Standard Pallet Sizes & Dimensions Chart. S. Stringer pallets are built with 2” x 4” wood, Our team understands how pallet dimensions affect handling cost, and we use this knowledge to save you time and money. Pallet names stem from their construction. New Wood Pallets Definition . Dimensions A normal wooden pallet used in the U. 48" X 40" 42" X 42" 48" X 48" Types of pallets. Everything you need to know about standard pallet sizes & dimensions. . More expensive compared to wooden pallets, Generally not suitable for storage on shelves. is 48 inches X 40 inches WOOD PALLETS National Wooden Pallet and Container The purpose of this Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets stringerboard size - pallet and member dimensions, The lowly wooden pallet has long been essential equipment for businesses of all sizes